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top 10 reasons icon

The top 10 reasons StirSite clients give for using StirSite:
Easy text editor allowing you to format the text style, color, alignment and to add links

1. Easy Editor

No complicated downloads or installs to use the built-in editor that works like your favorite word processor:

  • bold
  • italics
  • colors
  • align left, center, right
  • bullets, lists
  • titles
  • add photos
screenshots showing icons of all the different page layouts

2. Best Value (30+ features)

30 features that others don't offer and still the best prices. Many site builders don't offer similar features at any price and those that offer features charge extra.

  • 35 layouts available
  • email features
  • layout features
  • shopping cart features
  • editing features
  • marketing features
  • password protection
  • more...

screenshot or a product thumbnails layout page

catalog page

3. Strong Shopping Cart

Shopping carts are often provided for an extra fee or the site builder itself is priced very high. The StirSite shopping cart doesn't cost extra yet has more features and higher product limits than other site builders.

  • Supports 500 products
  • 3 different options (e.g. color, size, etc.)
  • Comment field (e.g. for gift card)
  • Up to 3 photos for each product
  • PayPal integration
  • Authorize.net integration (for credit card processing)
  • Secure shopping cart server
  • Catalog lists
photo albums layout page showing rows and rows of thumbnail images that may be clicked on to see a larger view of the image

4. Easy Photo Albums

Most competitors don't have an easy to use method of putting a collection of images on the Internet. Automatically creates the thumbnails to click for you.

Samples of some of our pre-made template

5. Hundreds of Professional Designs

StirSite offers hundreds of pre-built professionally designed templates.

Click here to see a video on how easy it is to change templates anytime.

screenshot of a customer website

6. Customizable Templates

For a more personal feel, StirSite lets you customize templates with your own graphics, colors and designs. You don't need to know how to program to do this.

screenshot of our image library selector with categories on the left and thumbnails on the right

7. Useful Image Library

Not free clip art, the StirSite image library is a fully licensed image library with 1000 stock photos.

image shoring our interactive layout called the custom feedback form

8. Free Interactive Features

Usually only available in expensive custom-built websites, StirSite offers what are known as "dynamic" features that let your visitors interact with your website:

  • Custom Feedback Forms
  • Message Boards
  • Guest Books


website support portal page

9. Easy and Fast Support

High quality online support:

  • Online support is free
  • One-day turnaround response for most questions
  • One-click to help section
  • One-click context sensitive help (the most relevant help document is always one click away)
  • 33 chapter online documentation
  • 100+ article knowledge base and growing
  • Free resource documents to help you improve your website
  • Online frequently asked questions
sample of a customer's webpage

10. Overall Ease of Use

The ease of starting and building a website is the number one reason why clients start and continue using StirSite.

The toolbar shows up on your website. This toolbar appears for you only. To edit a page, just click "Edit" in the toolbar. No need to go back and forth to a separate site builder.